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    Bixolon SRP-S3000

    The SRP-S3000 is a premium 3-inch(80 mm) Linerless Printer built with LinerlessPro™ technology. Supporting multiple programming languages including BXL / POS, SLCS™, BPL-Z™ and BPL-C™. The SRP-S3000 provides stable printing for Linerless Extreme, Restick and Liner Label (Gap, Black Mark, Notch, Continuous) media. The standard colour LCD helps users to change the printer setting alongside count pending orders so they can optimise processing operations proactively.

    Versatile Capability

    • Specialised for Linerless Extreme and Restick media
    • Supporting standard liner label (Gap, Black Mark, Notch, Continuous) printing media
    • Hybrid printer emulation: BXL / POS, SLCS™, BPL-Z™ and BPL-C™
    • Selectable media width: 40 / 58 / 80 mm (partitions supported)

    Premium Printing Performance

    • LinerlessPro™ technology : Anti-adhesive Platen Roller, Auto Cutter and Paper Basket
    • Taken Sensor™ not allowing the next label to be printed until after current label has been removed to prevent jamming
    • Order Counting: Enables users to check the number of order labels in printing queue through the display
    • Paper Saving Mode and specialised back-feed function
    • Fast printing speeds of up to 200 mm/sec (8ips) at 203 dpi

    Modern and User-friendly Design

    • Standard colour LCD with intuitive icons
    • Easy toolless replacement of TPH, Platen Roller, and Auto Cutter
    • IP23 ratings and built-in SMPS delivers water resistant operation
    • Special paper path design and an automatic guillotine cutting system


    3-inch Linerless Label Printer

    Built with LinerlessPro™ technology and colour LCD display, the 3-inch(80 mm) premium linerless printer SRP-S3000 provides both linerless and liner label printing. Offering benefits for a wide variety of applications including food safety and order labelling.

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