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    Cash Drawers

    Cash Drawers

    Traditional bulky cash drawers can decrease your operational performance and efficiency. These only act as money-collecting machines and are not preferred even in smaller convenience stores due to their inconvenience, time-consuming inventory management and erroneous outputs. You must look for a cashier system in Dubai that does not waste manpower on manual works and provides you works smoothly across your counters. OZEEPOS are leading SUNMI cash register suppliers in Dubai – a device that is intelligent, powerful and future-ready. The cashier system still contains enough holding capacity while occupying less room across your platform.

    An all-in-one device, it is compact and still comes with four bill, and three cointrays, as against traditional drawers to fully satisfy your store’srequirements. In addition, the drawer is pressure-resistant, stable andin-built with an anti-skid ABS panel. It also has an internal honeycombstructure distributing the pressure on it evenly, making the device weightbearable. The 10Kg bulk tolerance prevents the shaking of the screen when in use. Its service life is extra-long due to the industrial metallic bearings that make it unbreakable, smooth and solid.

    Opening with a single press key that exceeds at least one million operations, the drawers are easily recognisable due to their eye-catching inner side, leaving the handler with doubts about its contents.

    For the best cashier system in Dubai, reach out to Ozeepos SUNMI Cash Register Suppliers in Dubai.

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