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    Mixed Bill Counter and Reader

    A fast and easy way to count and total money. Not just a simple bill counter, the Cube™ automatically recognizes denominations to count total value too!

    Verify up to 10 currencies including AED, USD. Ability to change the basic version on the currencies list. Unlimited currency combinations.

    Operational modes include Free Count, Mixed (for mixed denominations), Sort and Batch.

    Brilliant blue screen clearly displays bill count and total monetary value. On-screen reporting provides a tally of each denomination.

    “Cubed” design folds up for easy transportation and storage. Runs on either AC power or the included lithium ion battery for operation anywhere bill counting may be needed.

    Why Cube™?

    • Grade: Business
    • Bill Loading Style: Top Loader
    • Counting Speed: 250 Bills per Minute
    • Capacity: Hopper: 100 Bills (New) Stacker: 100 Bills (New)
    • Operational Modes: Mixed, Sort, Add, Batch, Report
    • Counterfeit Detection Methods: Magnetic, Infrared, Image, Color Spectrum, Denisty
    • Rechargeable Lithium Battery: 10.8V / 2000 mAh
    • Display Type: High Resolution LCD
    • Dimensions W*H*D: 170*157*152mm / 6*6.7*6.2"
    • Weight: 1.8 kgs / 3.9 lbs.
    • Document Downloads: User Manual Sales Sheet

    Counting a mixed stack of bills has never been easier thanks to the Cassida Cube™! Its revolutionary technology automatically recognizes the value of bills counted and tallies not only the amount of bills but their value as well. Unlike traditional money counters, there's no need to pre-sort bills or count one denomination at a time. The high-tech infrared sensors employed by the Cube™ can detect a bill's denomination in any of the four directional orientations a bill may be inserted. In addition to a grand total, the Cube™ will also display an on-screen report breaking down the total count by denomination. These infrared sensors also check for counterfeits. The Cube™ will provide a clear alert if any cash is suspect.

    The Cube™ can also make quick work of sorting a mixed stack by denomination with its Sort function as it will check the entire stack against the denomination of the first bill read; presenting a "Diff." message on screen to indicate when a different denomination is present. The Cube™ is perfect for any situation as it can be powered through either its AC adaptor or included lithium ion battery. When the counting is done, it conveniently folds into a "cube" for small footprint storage.