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    The smallest and lightest wearable scanner

    Gain complete control with a compact and lightweight handscanner

    The HandScanner from Datalogic is the lightest and the smallest wearable scanner in the market. It is designed for use in Transport & Logistics, Retail, Manufacturing, and Healthcare. The key benefits are many, such as ease of use, hands free while picking items and fast data capture, accelerating productivity dramatically while reducing unnecessary, repetitive tasks and associated errors. Mounted comfortably and ergonomically on the back of the hand, the HandScanner is thinner and less intrusive than traditional ring mounted scanners. It empowers the use of hands’ fingers for all manner of operations and is far more resistant to damage than traditional bulky, finger mounted scanners. Additionally, combining the HandScanner with Datalogic’s mobile computers further enhances worker productivity with full data collection capability suitable for any kind of application. Its light weight, fast scan time, long battery life, quick charge capability, and unique notification features makes this the product that will help to maximize the efficiency of your operations.

    Scanning this fast maximizes productivity

    Two big drivers for investing in warehouse automation are to increase employee productivity and increase picking efficiency. The HandScanner ensures both these criteria are comfortably met. A simple thumb press is all that is required to identify the target item. Operators can continue to use both hands while wearing the HandScanner and still have full interaction with objects. They will barely notice they are wearing the HandScanner due to its flat, compact form factor and comfortable hand strap. It really is like wearing a comfortable glove that reduces repetitive strain injury and is less prone to accidental damage. In addition, the HandScanner gives 33% fewer erroneous readings. The productivity gains experienced are unrivalled.

    Charging is not required during a working shift

    The HandScanner has an unbelievable battery life of 15 hours or 10,000 scans, which is more than enough to cover the most demanding of shifts. For transportation & logistics this is especially useful as the scanner is continually used with no need to put it down or pick it up. In manufacturing and healthcare, where there is no longer a need to put down tools while using the scanner; workers can continue to select and scan products, maintaining full traceability. In retail, where there is a higher demand on scanning there will never be any danger of low battery warnings. Plus, with a charge time of only two hours you can be assured that your scanner will be ready for action again ahead of when it is next needed.

    Get continued feedback throughout your working day

    The HandScanner is equipped with several notification indicators – acoustic, haptic or LED – providing every possible notification, regardless of the working environment. Whether you are in a harsh, noisy, or dark workplace you will receive a notification. With a scan range of between 10 cm and 150 cm almost any application is covered. When combined with a wide range of connectivity options the HandScanner can be paired with either mobile or vehicle computers and fixed workstations. Users can experience full data collection capability with notifications they will not miss.

    Earn your money back in less than a year

    The HandScanner has a return on investment of less than 6 months, depending on usage. It is estimated that up to 4 seconds are saved per scan. When working out the average number of scans per year and the resulting saved timed makes it straightforward to estimate the overall cost saving by using the HandScanner. However, it’s not just the cost saving we need to think about. The HandScanner is more comfortable for your workers due to its class leading light weight and ergonomic design.