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    Dot Matrix Printer Ribbon

    Specifically designed for stores with high printing volumes, the dot matrix printer ribbon etches information that adheres to the surface of a label. It uses the heat of the printer head to render the data and enables printing on any type of substrates. Typically, these are used to print labels and barcodes and round in widths and lengths depending upon their final application.

    The wax, wax resin and resin qualities come with unique features such as speed, blackness, durability, versatility and much more. Each ribbon is applied depending upon end-user requirements and is highly economical and usually recommended for low-end usages. The product, however, does provide just the correct resistance against high temperatures, smudging, rubbing, or scratching. In addition, these high-yield ribbons are sustainable and considered a cost-effective solution for a range of transactional documents across the supply chain. Delivering the best in class yield, Ozeepos provides ribbons that are precisely engineered to deliver the prints that last.

    The ribbons are meant to perform right out of the box, come with an extended life and are the ideal solution for those who have a restrictive budget and are looking for low operating costs per page.

    Speak to our consultants today for more information on the distinctive dot matrix printer ribbon.

    RIBBON WAX OUT 110MMX300MTR110MM*300MTR 1 Inch Core..
    RIBBON WAX OUT 50MMX300MTR50MM*300MTR 1 Inch Core..
    RIBBON WAX OUT 55MMX91MTR55MM*91MTR 1 Inch Core..
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