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    High speed multi-functional printer

    The TSP700II is a cost effective multifunctional printer, capable of printing high quality receipts and fixed length tickets and labels on paper up to 0.15mm thick. With a high quality cutter as standard and black mark sensor for fixed length printing, the TSP700II can be used as a label printer, lottery printer or dedicated ticket printer for cinemas, theme parks and events. Its compact and versatile design means the TSP700II can also be mounted vertically in a kiosk environment for unattended receipt or ticket printing with an optional flashing paper exit guide.

    High Quality Printing

    Featuring a double resolution mode to increase sharpness on any graphic, the TSP743II makes it easier than ever to create eye-catching graphics for company logos and promotions.

    Versatile Connectivity

    The TSP700II’s plug-in interfaces allow users to change its interface efficiently. Interfaces include Serial, Parallel, USB, Ethernet and HI X Connect with Star CloudPRNT. Star CloudPRNT provides intelligent printing for Cloud retail, logistics and hospitality applications enabling unparalleled flexibility for remote receipt, order, ticket and label printing using a standard receipt printer.

    Kiosk and self service

    The TSP700II is used in kiosks and self-service applications worldwide due to its ease of integration and reliable printing.

    High quality build

    Sleek design with a top cover which extends to the edge of the printer, making it more difficult for dust and liquids to penetrate and harm the printer. Sound and vibration dampening channels within the printer help reduce printing noise and add an extra layer of protection from moisture or dust in harsh environments.

    Versatile printing

    The TSP700II is capable of printing receipts, tickets and labels from the same printer with a black mark sensor and high quality cutter for fixed length tickets and labels. The TSP700II can operate horizontally on a counter or vertically in a kiosk or self service terminal or can be wall mounted.

    Cloud connected

    Star’s unique Hi X interface includes dual USB and Ethernet LAN as well as Star’s CloudPRNT Technology for direct printing from web based apps and online ordering system

    Product Features

    • Fast, high quality receipt printer capable of producing barcodes, labels and tickets at at 250mm/second
    • “Drop-In & Print” easy paper loading
    • Black mark sensor for fixed length labels and tickets
    • 60,000,000 lines CRT reliability and compatible with most operating platforms
    • Full or partial cut autocutter (centre)
    • Ergonomic splash resistant design with easy clean case and splash proof cover available
    • Double Density (406x 203dpi) print resolution for high quality graphics and barcodes.
    • Advanced Configuration Utility with the ability to configure graphics or coupons without expensive software changes or complicated set up procedures.
    • Choice of Interfaces including  HI X with   WebPRNT and CloudPRNT  for web and cloud-based applications