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    Multi-currency Mix Value Counter

    Touch screen colour display is a great advantage.

    Advanced technology allows quick bill counting and counterfeit detection simultaneously.

    State-of-the-art dual CIS detection technology to detect entire bill surfaces.

    Capable to count up to 6 currencies.

    Mixed currencies counting is possible in case there are different currencies in one stack.

    Sorting of banknotes by year of release is possible.

    Sorting of banknotes by orientation is possible in which orientation is determined by first counted banknote.

    Why Xpecto?

    • Grade: Business
    • Bill Loading Style: Top Loader
    • Counting / Sorting Speed: 800/1,000/1,200 Bills per Minute
    • Capacity: Hopper: 400 Bills Stacker: 300 Bills
    • Operational Modes: Simple, Mixed, Sort, Add, Batch, Report
    • Counterfeit Detection Methods: 3D, Ultraviolet, Magnetic, CIS Infrared
    • Display Type: 3.3” LCD Color Touchscreen
    • Dimensions (W*D*H): 280*240*280mm
    • Weight: 5.6 kgs
    • Document Downloads: User Manual Sales Sheet

    Cassida Xpecto is the first single value counter equipped with an advanced dual CIS technology which is an optimum combination of hardware and software.

    It scans the banknote in full size by dual CIS and of course standard detection such as IR, UV and MG.

    User-friendly operation and capability enable Cassida Xpecto to be trustworthy assistant in every daily cash handling routine having more functions than any mix value counter in its category and an easy and quick touch screen color display.

    Its multi-currency feature makes Cassida Xpecto adaptive to any currency. Upon request, it can be upgraded to any currencies required.

    Remote display and printer can be connected to Cassida Xpecto to make every administrative task even easier.