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    Xpecto LiTE

    Mixed Bill Counter and Reader

    Capable to count and sort AED dirhams only while for other currencies, basic count mode can be used without value count.

    Top quality counterfeit detection system which ensures the bills are authentic.

    Automatically sorts mixed bills as sort mode stops and alerts each time there’s a change in the denomination.

    It is user-friendly allows quick access and mastery of each of the mode functions.

    Convenient and easy to use.

    Why Xpecto Lite

    • Grade: Business
    • Bill Loading Style: Top Loader
    • Counting Speed: 800/1,000/1,200 Bills per Minute
    • Capacity: Hopper: 600 Bills; Stacker: 250 Bills
    • Operational Modes: Mix, Sort, Count, Face, Orientation, Add, Batch
    • Counterfeit Detection Methods: UV, MG, IR, CIS
    • Display Type: 3.2” LCD Screen
    • Dimensions W*H*D: 267 * 267 * 298mm
    • Weight: 6.4 kgs
    • Document Downloads: User Manual Sales Sheet

    Cassida Xpecto LiTE is a new innovation of a top-quality Single Pocket Mix Value Counter with CIS, UV, MG, IR counterfeit detection system. It is convenient to use and is retail-ready solution for every business type.

    With our constant mission to provide you with a better and economical solution, Cassida Xpecto Lite is an affordable option for a Single Pocket machine.